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Simply Smarter Trackors®

Trackors convert data from messy spreadsheets and soiled legacy systems into standardized object records.

Unlimited Information Flexibility with Trackors®

Simply Smarter Trackors®

The Power of OneVizion is that it puts data into a single metadata table called an Ancestral Table that stores individual pieces of data in name values, these name values are put into containers called “Trackors”. Trackors can be easily related to other trackors to create “Parent-Child Relationships” and Trackors can hold an unlimited amounts of fields and tabs and can have unlimited children/parents assigned to them. 

Add project tracking to appropriate nodes in the Trackor® Tree, OneVizion’s Trackor® Tree technology has been designed to insulate the data and its structure from our applications, reports, dashboards, and portal pages, giving your team the power to realize no-impact change. As you grow, you can incrementally add workflow to implement business processes in your solution, organizing and automating the flow of work in your team.

Adding fields is quick and easy for those who have permissions to do so. When new requirements emerge, users can add fields and build new tabs in minutes that immediately become live and available to the entire user base.  Trackor relationships can be changed as well, add new containers or change existing relationships to better suit growing requirements.

Trackors can be changed at any time without impacting the data storage or user views and filters. This allows incremental process improvement to incorporate new business requirements without changing the underlying architecture.

Users can use the powerful “View and Filter” options to create any combination of data in the grid. These views and filters can be saved for every user. Unlimited amount of views and filters can be created and used for every trackor type

OneVizion is designed to have an extremely flexible system architecture, that can be changed at any time. Making changes does NOT require any programming or coding. Everything is done through the user interface with point-and-click style skills, users have tools to build any custom view they need to adapt to emerging/changing business requirements