Why Is FiberVizion® Beneficial For Fiber Providers?

FiberVizion is a module enabling program management down to the segment of any project or task. Gain valuable insights and visibility into the cost, schedule, and completion of field activities.

Fiber Segment Mapping Page

Visualize your fiber projects directly on Google Maps!

Color individual fiber segments based on assigned vendors, total cost vs. budget, forecasted completion (ahead or behind schedule), etc. export to KML file with all formats and relevant data points included.

Fiber Segment Portal

See multiple fiber project data sets and statistics by using Vizion “Portals!”

Build custom portal views directly in the GUI. Combine all the power of the Vizion Platform grid (including drill down tabs/forms, dashlets, and even google maps on a single landing page).

Actionable Analytics

Gain powerful insights through reports and dashboards

The Vizion Platform provides an unlimited number of views, reports, and dashboards providing valuable insight into what matters to your business! Dashboards are customizable graphics to present date such as bar, line, waterfall, grid, pie, spline, etc.

Track all aspects of any fiber deployment including schedule, profitability, documents, and project closeouts.