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The Comprehensive Features You Need To Unlock Data Visibility And Boost Productivity

Vizion Platform is the only aPaaS powerful and flexible enough to be fully molded around your unique business needs, project schedules, and data sets.

Backed by decades of expertise, we help telecom enterprises tame information chaos by capturing, centralizing, and leveraging all of their isolated data points – without limits or exceptions.

Project Management Solutions

Track Everything

By converting data from every messy spreadsheet and siloed legacy system into standardized tracking object records, or Trackors®, Vizion Platform provides executive teams with unprecedented visibility from a single source of truth.

Organize Data Your Way

Don’t let competitors force you to operate with confined, inflexible configurations. Our platform’s intuitive, hierarchical data structure – the Trackor® Tree – captures any exception and conforms to your unique organization and requirements.

Seamless Integrations

Enterprises need a aPaaS that will play nice with other information softwares. Vizion Platform’s dynamic API enables smooth integrations with critical legacy tools and other enterprise-level apps, such as financial or accounting systems.

Rock-Solid Technology

Our experts’ unique software philosophy means there are no limits to covering data exceptions. We avoid cutting corners in our code – and test relentlessly – so you can avoid crippling technical debt and security issues.

Rapid App Development

Once data is encapsulated in the platform, citizen developers can quickly release a wide range of apps. With limited development dependency, you’re free to build out project workflows and forecasting, process automation, site mapping, and more.

Quick Results With Minimal Disruption

We leverage a robust implementation strategy called Gragile®, which aims to quickly create tangible benefits with a low risk of business disruption. You control the pace at which new implementations – or new features for an existing instance – become operational and start providing value.

Enjoy The Benefits of Working With The
Leading Telecom aPaaS Provider

Reduced Development
Dependency – and Costs

In the race toward digital transformation, you can’t afford to handcuffed by a long and expensive development backlog. Vizion Platform empowers your employees to create and leverage dynamic apps with just a fraction of your current development support levels.

Consolidated Data Drives
Confident Decisions

When it comes to informed decision-making, there’s limited room for gut feelings and instincts. Vizion Platform centralizes your data in a single source of truth, so executive teams can see all the moving parts in one place – and make the right decision at the right time.

Demonstrable and Rapidly Realized ROI

While competing platforms may take years to implement and even longer to establish an effective ROI, our iterative implementation helps your business quickly uncover financial inefficiencies, streamline processes, and make valuable data-driven decisions.

Decades of Valuable Telecom Experience

Our experts understand the complex and competitive telecom industry. From critical integrations to familiar industry data structures, this understanding and experience is reflected across every aspect of Vizion Platform.

Start Building Smarter Solutions With
Vizion Platform

Data and Document Management

Our cohesive approach to data and document management means you can easily import terabytes of information, standardize and version control it, and then align the data with automated workflows and key project

Asset and Project

Never lose track of a single site asset or project task: Vizion Platform gives project managers the control and visibility they need to develop accurate work plans, forecast schedules and revenues, and anticipate key problems before they can halt progress.

CRM and Sales

Don’t let the next big sale – or opportunity to capture value for existing customers – slip through your fingers due to a lack of internal organization. Vizion Platform’s integrated apps for customer and sales pipeline management help structure your team’s internal processes for maximum effectiveness.

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