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Discover the powerful features behind OneVizion's secure platform

Managing your enterprise’s information systems effectively is only possible if you can maintain total control over users and data security. OneVizion’s platform makes maintaining your system integrity easy with built-in features to help you control user access, track changes to data, and safely test and implement new features within your platform.

Complete Governance Tools for Managing Roles and Permissions

As you absorb more documents, data, and users into your information management solution, the risk of security breaches grows. Mitigate that risk and keep your data integrity in check with OneVizion. Delegate and manage users, security roles, and permission settings, so you always have control over who can access your data, from internal users to third-party vendors. And with OneVizion’s extensible administrative tools you can make swift, scalable security changes to user groups as your business grows.

Comprehensive Audit Logs and Change Tracking

Don’t be in the dark when it comes to changes to your data. OneVizion’s audit log gives you complete visibility into changes to data, documents, tasks, and assets: The time they were made, who made them, and the specific value of the changes. Easily filter and track changes by these dimensions and roll back selected changes if necessary. The OneVizion Platform also gives you the capability to generate reports from your audit logs, giving you a complete picture when identifying and investigating system problems or breaches.

User-Friendly Single Sign-On Integrations

Eliminate password frustrations and streamline your users’ login process with OneVizion’s convenient single sign-on (SSO) integrations. Connecting OneVizion to your active directory is simple using our standard SSO, providing you and your team a straightforward path to the many tools in the OneVizion Platform without the hassle of managing multiple login credentials. Cut down on the password-related roadblocks keeping you from quickly accessing your key resources and systems – without sacrificing security.

Secure Coding Standards and Best Practices

OneVizion’s platform follows the highest code standards so you never need to worry about code-level security flaws or backdoor vulnerabilities. By meeting industry best practices, including certification by Veracode, the OneVizion Platform’s rock-solid codebase prevents the introduction of system vulnerabilities stemming from programming changes. Stay focused on the most important tasks at hand, knowing our code remains intact and impenetrable.

The Security You Need To Operate With Confidence And Peace Of Mind

Keep Mission-Critical Data Safe and Secure

This package includes all core functionality and helps clients struggling to manage shared spreadsheets and closeout packages and/or who find their project deliverables rejected at a high frequency.

Empower Your Team with System-Wide Insight

OneVizion’s detailed audit logs offer fully visibility into every user, every action, and every value. With meticulous change tracking, it’s easier than ever to identify and remediate problems, security breaches, or system damages. When your team has the system-wide knowledge they need, you can keep users accountable and address issues as they arise.

Smoothly Implement Custom Changes to Your System

OneVizion’s auditing capabilities help you test and implement new apps your team builds on the platform. Whether it’s a change to your system rules or your processes, customize your OneVizion experience the way you want it, and easily track down breaks and fix them as you go using OneVizion’s auditing tools.

The OneVizion Platform: A Complete Information Management System

As the leading telecom aPaaS provider, our security and auditing features form just one small layer of the visibility and control our platform provides. We centralize all of your data and processes in one intuitive, dynamic platform, so your enterprise can monitor, assess, and optimize its approach to data and document management, asset management, and a wide range of other critical business functions.

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