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OneVizion's Implementation Methodology


3.1 Low Risk

Low Risk

We leverage a robust implementation strategy called Gragile®, which aims to quickly create tangible benefits with a low risk of business disruption. You control the pace at which new implementations – or new features for an existing instance – become operational and start providing value.

3.2 Self Perform

Self Perform

Our approach is to enable our clients to self perform through configuration, not coding. This enables business users to add their perspective, knowledge, and expertise to the evolution of applications as they are developed. The skills required to change do not require expensive IT skills – just common business sense. Changes by those who know the problem best, when the problem arises, facilitates solutions in minutes

3.3 Immediate Results

Immediate Results

Our unique architecture is designed to empower your business to create solutions quickly, one application at a time. This results in immediate benefits and builds a culture of success and outcomes within your organization. OneVizion’s Trackor® Tree technology has been designed to insulate the data and its structure from our applications, reports, dashboards, and portal pages, giving your team the power to realize no-impact change

3.4 Enterprise Grade

Enterprise Grade

An existing OneVizion implementation has more than 30,000 registered users with >5,000 unique daily visitors racking up more than 60,000 daily page hits while dynamically accessing 40 million documents, 300-plus million tasks, and billions of data records. The architecture is asynchronous, and the page sessions are stateless, which means scaling is not an issue

3.5 Secure Platform

Secure Platform

OneVizion has tuned the general-purpose architecture to have average page loads measured in seconds through a security model that provides granular, detailed control down to the user to implement any security strategy. Our platform has endured and passed the most rigorous security audits in the industry

3.6 Flexible Database

Flexible Database

Our experience has taught us that everything changes in your business, and the best solutions need to adapt and deliver on schedule.