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Why use oneVizion® as your contract management software?

Whether drilling down through the documents and processes that govern a single tower or coordinating multiple tenants across thousands of sites, doing so on single database makes a difference.

Improved efficiencies in all business areas

Regardless of what stage of contract execution you’re in, whether acquiring, maintaining or closing out, get the maximum return through sweeping clarity and direct command over your entire asset portfolio.

Synchronized business units

Improve cross-departmental collaboration with capabilities that provide access to version-controlled, standardized data. The OneVizion platform helps eliminate inconsistencies and duplications in data, contracts, documents and other vital information to keep your organization in-sync throughout the life cycle of an account.

Maintain full visibility of assets to move faster on opportunity

Know when opportunities arise to bring in new tenants or agreements then swiftly produce and share reports, proposals, contracts and other deliverables from a single source. This shortens the time you need to convert leads into signed contracts.

Contract Management Solution Features


OneVizion connects all of the most critical documents, data and processes into a single, intuitive system, decreasing the risk for valuable information to get left behind. Improve pass-offs at each stage of a contract’s life cycle to help support a comprehensive and streamlined sales and service effort.

Customer Relations

Improve the experience customers have once signing a contract by enhancing the service you’re able to give them. By putting all the valuable customer data at the fingertips of every department simultaneously, your entire organization can make meaningful strides toward increased client satisfaction and grow the likelihood of repeat business.

Clear Forecasting

Gain valuable insight into potential streams for new contract opportunities with OneVizion’s exceptional forecasting tools. Identify, track and nurture sale and up-sell opportunities with a better view of the big picture for your organization. Seek out contracts with the highest monetary yield by having all the necessary information in a single spot to better influence business decisions.

Why Gragile® Is The Solution

Developing a flexible integration methodology for the OneVizion Platform was an essential part of our business. This is how Gragile came about. This is our term to define how we give you the best experience moving data to our platform. It’s our implementation strategy that allows you to start migrating data from anywhere, at anytime, without interrupting your project schedule. Our agile and flexible process helps create tangible benefits in document and data management without disrupting everyday business operations. You’re in control to move at your ideal speed to ensure the smoothest transition. Transferring data into our platform not only gives you immediate results, but it will confirm that the Gragile methodology offers the best experience when it comes to streamlining data management.

How OneVizion Addresses Problems with Contract Management Software

Creating a platform that’s specifically geared toward the telecom industry, OneVizion incorporates the capabilities and flexibility necessary to successfully execute any contract.

Tracking down missing information

The central problem with using multiple sites and spreadsheets to store documents and data is the increased risk for Stranded Information™. This occurs when necessary content gets lost in its individual silo, to the detriment of gaining a complete picture of a project. When you roll up data, elements are missing, and the time spent tracking those pieces down could be better used elsewhere. The OneVizion Platform eliminates fragmented data and ensures you have everything you need in one place. When it comes time to roll up a project’s data you know you have a complete picture.

Aligning data management architecture with existing business practices

Time is the most valuable asset in any organization, and having to spend it modifying how you already do things to suit a piece of software is a waste. You need software that caters to you and not the other way around. With a deep understanding of the telecom industry, OneVizion’s platform is designed to work with you and not against you. With unlimited fields to add in exceptions and the ability to customize how your data is organized using our Trackor® Tree system, you’re able to give each contract the special treatment it needs to maintain productivity.

Addressing redundancies in Project Schedules

When data is housed in different locations, segmentation between individual departments increases. Business units can’t effectively communicate and share data, so contracts end up with multiple working versions. Eliminate the risk of redundancies throughout the life cycle of a contract with OneVizion capabilities that track document editing across all departments and make data easy to share, streamlining your organization’s overall project schedule.

Repairing fragmented reporting and forecasting

Get an accurate picture of your projects and assets to better inform business decisions and identify areas with potential for growth using OneVizion’s forecasting tools. Generate more complete reports to help with on-time invoice processing and clearer assessment of activity. Maintaining a single source for all your data, documents and contracts ensures you see things clearly when rolling up information for review.

Pioneers In Telecom Contract Management Software

With the most technologically advanced piece of software within the telecom industry, OneVizion’s superior methodology for harnessing data comes from over seventeen years of work growing and developing the product. Our platform utilizes a variety of capabilities and a level of flexibility that can’t be matched. Merging your data within our platform gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to data management. You not only get a complete, centralized picture of your documents, tasks, data and assets, but gain the ability to create a more efficient project schedule that will optimize profitability.

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