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OneVizion's Architecture Fully Integrates DATA, PROCESSES and TASKS.

 The Vizion Platform™ has been developed over decades to deliver the industry’s most robust data management platform.  OneVizion has invested >100,000 programming hours to build a platform scalable for national deployments. 

By converting data from every messy spreadsheet and siloed legacy system into standardized tracking object records, or Trackors®, Vizion Platform™ provides executive teams with unprecedented visibility from a single source of truth.  

The largest Enterprise Data Management companies offer great tools to manage either data or processes or tasks and expect your IT Department to integrate these systems. Our OneVizion Platform seamlessly integrates Data, Processes and Tasks into a single, flexible, self-perform tool that enables your team to make informed decisions in real-time.   

Enterprise Grade Information Management Starts by Integrating


Rather than data being stored in tables, OneVizion has a single metadata table called an Ancestral Table that stores individual pieces of data in name values. 



Storing data bits into name values breaks the hard relationships that formal sequel data bases require. Having to Index just one table provides the ultimate in flexibility, automations, rules and workflows to optimize the information.


Optimized information can be managed by Tasks. With all types of information existing in one metadata table, data – process – and tasks are fully integrated, allowing for informed decision making about costs, forecasting, scheduling and other critical issues.