Empower Your Data: Unleash the Potential with Linked Record Architecture™.

Linked Record Architecture: Redefining Data Management

Linked Record Architecture (LRA) represents an innovative shift in data management, moving away from traditional table-based systems to a more flexible and scalable approach. It stands out by enabling dynamic links between records, allowing for easy integration of new data without the need to alter existing table structures. This architecture supports business growth, maintains data integrity, and simplifies administrative tasks.

LRA also improves data security by externalizing relationships between records, thereby making it harder for unauthorized access to trace data connections. Implemented through OneVizion's Vizion Platform with the Vizion Link® as a No-Code solution, LRA makes data management more efficient and user-friendly, even as data volume grows.

Linked Record Architecture: The Strategic Advantage for Your Business

In today's digital landscape, the Linked Record Architecture (LRA) from OneVizion's Vizion Platform offers efficient, secure, and scalable data management. Its no-code approach and Vizion Link® provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing data needs without the complexities of traditional systems.

LRA ensures scalable and consistent performance, capable of handling increasing data volumes without degradation. Its unique structure enhances data integrity and security, streamlining management, and reducing operational costs.

As a strategic business tool, LRA enhances operational efficiency and agility, enabling companies to stay competitive in the digital era. Adopting LRA equips businesses to face today's challenges and seize tomorrow's opportunities.

What We Solve: Data Misery

In today's dynamic business environment, the gap between the nimbleness of human intellect and the rigidity of conventional data tools leads to a phenomenon we term 'Data Misery.' This scenario sees talented teams bound by rigid systems, curtailing their creativity and efficiency. The resultant 'shadow IT' - unofficial technical workarounds - though momentarily beneficial, exacerbates the issue by creating additional data silos and security vulnerabilities. Data misery not only impedes individual performance but also negatively affects overall business vitality, obscuring valuable insights and opportunities in a labyrinth of disjointed data and processes. Furthermore, this mismatch imposes hidden costs, diminishing employee morale and stifling innovation. Our innovative solution bridges this gap, liberating businesses from the constraints of data misery and unlocking new possibilities for growth and creativity.

Linked Record architecture benefits

Requirement Linked Record Architecture Table Based
Flexible Designed as No-Code using Vizion Link® Pick one of these and compromise the other two.
Scalable All data added is indexed especially new data. Changing data structure – flexibility is not easy

Adding data in a table is problematic. Can not index all new columns
Consistent User pages do not degrade with more data added. Admin tools do not get more complex. Work arounds for speed is necessary.
Data Integrity Same engine for all data input GUI and backend API two different engines. Leads to different data validation and integrity issues
Security Stack of Linked Records is inherently safer that table. The relationships are external and direct road map not visible Tables are road maps for hackers

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Join us at Metro Connect 2024 for an enlightening presentation by John Patton, the visionary founder of OneVizion, and Lyle Nyffeler, the esteemed VP of Network Services at Samsung Electronics America. Their talk, titled "Revolutionizing Data Management in Telecom: OneVizion's Linked Record Architecture," promises to be a deep dive into the transformative impact of OneVizion’s innovative data management strategies in the telecom sector. They will explore how our groundbreaking Linked Record Architecture and the Vizion Platform have been game-changers for major industry players, notably Samsung.

The session will cover a range of crucial topics, from the flexibility and scalability of our data management solutions to real-world success stories, demonstrating OneVizion's pivotal role in major projects like T-Mobile and Sprint Integration. Whether you're involved in telecom, fiber optics, or infrastructure projects, this talk will provide invaluable insights into managing large-scale data efficiently and effectively.

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