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OneVizion: Power in Its People and Process

December 29, 2022.

OneVizion software is widely used across the telecommunications industry by service providers, tower owners and carriers for project, asset, financial and vendor management. The software itself has a reputation for being best-in-class, but according to Brian Davidson, Chief Revenue Officer at OneVizion, that’s only half the battle. “The other half is getting it deployed and aligning a company with a team that knows and understands the business, can anticipate client needs, and can facilitate success by avoiding pitfalls.”
Deployment and implementation of software tools requires an investment in time, as well as money. Choosing the right company to partner with is equally important as the software, Davidson tells Inside Towers. OneVizion offers an innovative software implementation process, Gragile®, as well as a team with a breadth and depth of telecom industry knowledge.

Gragile® Software Deployment Methodology

OneVizion leverages a unique implementation strategy called Gragile®. It is used with customers to help them tailor OneVizion software solutions to their needs. It was developed to create tangible benefits with a low risk of business disruption. The customer controls the pace at which new implementations – or new features for an existing instance – become operational and start providing value.

Gragile®, which means “guardrails (GR) agile”, is based on a popular software industry approach to development and deployment called agile, but optimized to be used with their software. Agile is an iterative approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches. Instead of betting everything on a “big bang” launch, an agile team delivers work in small, but consumable, increments. According to Davidson, “Gragile® is our way of applying flexibility and our experience to give customers a successful software deployment.”

Focus on People: Telecom Industry Knowledge

Another challenge in an enterprise software solution is the competence, knowledge and relevant experience of the implementation team. OneVizion has very thoughtfully recruited a team of people who have worked at carriers, manufacturers, tower companies, and service companies. They have been in their customers’ shoes, know what challenges need to be solved and can anticipate client needs.

Davidson explains, “With other software companies, the customer must train the individuals at the software company on what it is they do, and how the telecommunications industry works. We are all telecom industry executives and personnel who have been around for decades. We just happen to be working the front-line for an industry-proven software company.” Davidson continues, “Because of our telecom-centric recruitment strategy, when we interface and engage with the customer, we can talk their language, we know the nomenclature, we understand their unique and specific challenges and can steer them accordingly.”

This saves the customer time and money and avoids disruption to the business, says Davidson. The OneVizion implementation team doesn’t have to be trained at the customer’s expense, and the client’s top business people don’t have to spend weeks behind closed doors explaining their business. According to Davidson, “The OneVizion team can also help with best practices. And we can help customers anticipate implications of various software configurations.”

The telecommunications business is a complicated one. Many of the leading telecom companies have relied on OneVizion and its suite of software to resolve problems and streamline business processes.

What’s Next?

Davidson told Inside Towers, “We have some really big deals that are very close to being ready and we’re excited. We’ll be announcing these new customers and solutions soon.”


About OneVizion

OneVizion is a global leader in the deployment of critical infrastructure.  For decades OneVizion has been providing best-in-class project, asset, financial and deployment management solutions to the telecom, utility and renewable industries.  Known for making the most complex data management challenges simple, OneVizion has managed over $70 billion in assets.

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