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OneVizion Is The Smartest Information Management Solution For The Telecom Industry

Learn how this adaptable, intuitive platform can provide a competitive edge for your company

Many organizations are using outdated information systems that are inefficient and expensive to run and maintain – and even more costly to extend. Often these legacy software systems are inflexible and do not address the potential for stranded and siloed information.

What is OneVizion?

OneVizion is the leading high productivity application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) that solves the chronic business problems associated with fragmented information. OneVizion’s flexible metadata information management architecture, in combination with its simple and easily configurable user interface, offers unparalleled ability for users to create applications that quickly capture and organize Stranded Information®.

As your tower company grows, your processes become more complicated; your site documentation becomes scattered and harder to lock down; and managing your network of sites becomes more difficult every day. The number of tasks and workflows grow at an exponential rate, and, without a tool that scales with the uniqueness of your organization, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed. We specifically designed OneVizion to manage the complex requirements of tower/site management companies, from gathering and organizing due diligence requirements to providing extensive reporting capabilities, which allow management to analyze cost and revenue and to make quick important decisions.

OneVizion solves these issues with a technology predicated on interrelatable elements called Trackors®. Think of Trackors as containers for your information, with a distinguishing difference being that you can relate any Trackor to other Trackors through user-defined, multidimensional hierarchies called a Trackor Tree. Trackors allow companies to measure their data using project management tasks, keep it accurate using workflow for accountability, and store any necessary documentation. OneVizion supports an unlimited number of Trackors, and you can integrate each with project scheduling and workflow. Unlike expensive data warehouses that keep data locked and “report-only,” OneVizion integrates Trackor data in real time to support applications that can report, update, and even create new data.

How does OneVizion benefit your organization?

  1. Develop applications faster.

OneVizion applications are simple to set up using a big-data architecture to support the scalability of your solutions to solve enterprise scale problems. Built with the end-user in mind, OneVizion eliminates the requirement of heavy programming knowledge as part of ownership. This allows nontechnical personnel to convert new requirements into serviceable applications in an unprecedented amount of time. This self-service ownership allows for less corporate disruption and dramatically lowers the risk of system implementation failure, as it evaluates all applications in real time and enhances them to meet new or unforeseen requirements. Your company absorbs change and executes at the speed of business without reliance on expensive outside consultants or internal IT development resources.

  1. Enjoy seamless integration.

OneVizion fully integrates with major business applications and is accessible to authorized users, internal users, and contractors/partners. It’s a single platform that consolidates, directs, and forecasts all key operational, compliance, and financial elements of the physical deployment.

A company can rapidly deploy OneVizion anywhere in the world. It’s implemented on an Amazon Web Services infrastructure and requires minimal personnel for administration and support. One instance of OneVizion’s platform has been scaled to manage over 8,000 users, 20 terabytes of data, and maintain 8 million-plus documents.

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About OneVizion

OneVizion is a high productivity application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) that solves the complex problem of centralizing stranded information sets within enterprises. OneVizion supports real-time executive decision-making through flexible and scalable applications that meet the constantly evolving needs of business.