Cell Site Capital LLC chooses the Vizion Platform® Project Management Solution

OneVizion Announces a Partnership with Cell Site Capital LLC, Providing Transformational Information Management for their growing Tower Asset portfolio.

MARIETTA, GEORGIA, February 28, 2023 — OneVizion, the most trusted and prominent provider of Telecom and Utility Project and Asset Management Software is excited to announce its partnership with Cell Site Capital, an innovative and industry leading telecom asset portfolio company. Cell Site Capital’s adoption of the Vizion Platform will enable the company’s growing telecom asset business to operate more efficiently while creating long-term wireless income for their many clients.

Ali Nemati, Cell Site Capital’s Chief Technology Officer, commented that “Today’s information gathering and data intelligence is not only about where to get the data elements with high integrity of accuracy, but also how to manage it.  More importantly, it is about how to utilize the best solutions that could provide business and technology intelligence for a typical user and as a partner when you are looking for complete and all-around data, information management and ease of access.  Cell Site Capital has been searching the market for just such a solution and are pleased to share that we have been able to create an all-around solution in our partnership with OneVizion.  Utilizing the OneVizion solution to provide both direct and indirect intelligence, as well as ad-hoc access to information, together with ease of use allowing for better decisions while providing our clients the ability to manage their own data element, made our partnership the best path forward.”

Dana Romero, Cell Site Capital’s Senior Vice President of Technology, commented that “The choice was obvious, OneVizion knows the Telecom Industry, is embedded with Tier I Service Providers and will grow with us. The onboarding process has been smooth, and I expect we will be up, and running in record time. With the adoption of the Vizion Platform, Cell Site Capital will recognize revenue faster and help accelerate our growth to meet our customers and shareholder’s needs.”

Commenting on this partnership, Brian Davidson, CRO of OneVizion, affirms, “We are excited to team up with Cell Site Capital and we are confident that our complete solution will do more than improve existing processes.  Incorporating our industry best-practices approach for asset and portfolio managers will help change the way Cell Site Capital tracks and manages critical components of their business.”

About OneVizion

OneVizion is a market leader providing the most trusted cloud-platform for the deployment and management of critical infrastructure. For decades OneVizion has been providing best-in-class project, asset, financial and deployment management solutions to the telecom and utility industries. Known for making the most complex data management challenges simple, OneVizion has managed over $75 billion in assets. For additional information on OneVizion, it’s program and vendor management solutions visit https://onevizion.com/ or LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/onevizion-inc).

About Cell Site Capital LLC

Cell Site Capital is a wireless telecommunications infrastructure management company based in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2013, we have represented public and private sector clients, including municipal and county governments, non-profits, and large enterprise businesses, assisting them with all types of telecommunications matters. CSC’s services touch all facets of telecommunications consulting for our government clients. As a community level developer, we concentrate on providing strategic, long-term guidance for communities. In the broadband sector we have provided comprehensive communications development plans to address the current and future needs of the community. This has included identifying sources of funding, working with interested local internet service providers to bring broadband to the communities, and providing high level designs for expanded broadband access. CSC also provides asset management and marketing services for our clients that includes identifying ways to generate revenue to maximize the value of the asset for our customers such as creating and marketing excess capacity in fiber and conduit buildouts, marketing government-owned towers, water tanks, rooftops, and land to communications providers, managing existing contracts, renegotiating existing contracts, and finding ways to generate revenue to maximize the value of the asset for our customers.  For additional information on Cell Site Capital visit https://www.cellsitecapital.com/.

Media Contact
Jonathan Henderson, OneVizion