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Join OneVizion at Advancing Construction Analytics 2024!

Join us at the Renaissance Austin Hotel, April 15th-17th, at booth #3 for an exclusive insight into how the Vizion Platform is transforming 5G deployment across the US.

Discover the Future of Construction Data Management

Presented by:

  • John Patton, CEO of OneVizion


Featured Presentation:

  • “Reporting and Analytics Success with Linked Record Architecture™” by John Patton
    • Date: April 16th, After Lunch (Time TBA)
    • Location: Track 1 – Data Integration

Live Demos

Experience firsthand the Vizion Platform’s capabilities with Doug Tribolet. Find out how we’re addressing the industry’s biggest data management challenges.

What Sets the Vizion Platform Apart?

Struggling with data that’s unstructured, inaccessible, or simply nonexistent? Your business might be facing data challenges that hinder your analytical capabilities, such as:

  • Non-existent data
  • Data not collected from the edge of your company
  • Lack of a single source of truth
  • Data not structured or curated for use


Stop by our booth for a demonstration of the Vizion Platform, which is already managing the entire 5G deployment for the largest cellular network in the US.

Our Solution

OneVizion’s Linked Record Architecture™ (LRA) is revolutionizing data management by offering:

  • Scalable, secure platforms for business growth
  • Advanced record linking and No-Code, Indexed Systems for immediate adaptation and integration
  • Overcoming traditional data management challenges, enabling business innovation, and fostering excellence

Success Stories

Learn how our collaboration with T-Mobile led to strategic project acceleration, Cap-Ex management mastery, and significant cost advantages in network consolidation.

Engage with Us

Q&A Session with John Patton: Dive deeper into how Linked Record Architecture™ can revolutionize your data management strategies.

Don't let your data challenges hold you back. Visit OneVizion at booth #3 at the Advancing Construction Analytics 2024 to unlock your data's full potential.