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The Smarter Way for Vendors to
Get Organized, Get Verified, and Get Hired.

Complī is a vendor qualification and compliance software that makes it easy and affordable for all vendors, from tower workers to attorneys, to get verified and get to work faster.

Save Time

Get More Jobs

Reduce Risks

Improve Communications

Stop letting poor document management and non-compliance be the barrier between you and your future work

Wasted money and time on the current industry model with no control over approvals; no options, no choice.
Lost jobs, talent, and opportunities because of missing or expired paperwork, despite redundant data entry.
Increased exposure to potential risk for you, your company, and your employees.

Complī gives you an affordable and easy-to-use way to get compliance verified so carriers, tower companies, and manufacturers can feel confident putting you to work .

We’ve witnessed the frustrations of the vendor verification process because we’ve been in the shoes of the client, the vendor, and the manufacturer. With decades of experience we know that you’re likely manually managing documents or using outdated technology, which means you’re spending too much time, repetition, and money on a system that is currently broken.

Complī is an affordable, simple, and user-friendly software that eliminates redundancies, lowers costs, and uses modern technology so that you can get verified and get in front of the right clients quicker.

Get out of the admin seat and get organized with Complī.

Providing vendors with real value. Unlimited connections.

Vendor Xchange

Vendors can promote their services to some of the largest carriers, operators, and OEMs in the industry with just one annual cost.

Technician Vetting

Providers can have individual technicians professionally verified, including tracking, and management.

Backoffice Admin

Complī acts as a record manager (so you don’t have to hire one) eliminating manual document and certification upkeep.

Bulletin Library

Our “Messaging Center” allows vendors to store bulletins and distribute quality and safety communications to internal staff via the platform.


Access industry news, events, the latest education and webinars, plus a robust forum to share and exchange ideas.

Vendor Sourcing

Source new suppliers with ease. Reduce calling and emailing efforts by utilizing Complī™ to make new conneXions.

Here’s how you can get started​


Register by picking a plan that fits your business needs and pay online. No need to jump through hoops or wait to talk to a human.
Enter company and subcontractor documentation required by major carriers so you can be verified by our team.
Gain quick access to premium clients and feel peace-of mind when it comes to risk management for you and your employees.

User-friendly features

A look at the all-inclusive benefits provided to subscribers

One Client Repository
Introducing conneXions which gives you access to every carrier, tower company, and manufacturer’s requirements to be considered as a vendor along with a birds-eye view of your status, approvals and reviews. Just pay once to gain access to all clients and say goodbye to redundant exuberant payments and data uploads.
Employee Certifications
Defined by High, Medium or Low Risk, each client provides their list of required documents and qualifications down to the employee level so you feel assured you’ve provided all necessary information.
Real-Time Communications
Defined by High, Medium or Low Risk, each client provides their list of required documents and qualifications down to the employee level so you feel assured you’ve provided all necessary information.
Client Requirements

Complī is the only verification software that drills down to the technician level giving employers a detailed look at required certifications and their expiration dates.

Make safety compliance your #1 priority and leave the document management to us.

Complī™ services all vendors in telecom from architects to attorneys to aerial surveyors so that you and your clients feel confident about being fully compliant and ready to work at a moment’s notice.